The Game

Hunger Games, Game of Thrones. Are they literary representations of life? Allegories. Do they go deeper than what we read or experience in the book, film, or show? Do they represent how people have become connected or disconnected from each other? What value is placed on life?

From the very top down, are we all divided? Or are we all one. Where does this sit within you?

Your truth.

You decide.

The Power of Simplicity

Simplicity is an art form. It is under appreciated. How often do we find ourselves impressed with speech, works of architecture, works of art, or even concepts that are so complicated – in their essence – that we keep looking at them and thinking about them? While there is a place for this, try looking at something simple. Something that allows you to view it with ease and clarity. There is beauty in this. The mind can take it in and process it without over thinking. Opinions, emotions, and perceptions can take form with more immediacy. Simplicity is accessible. Simplicity transcends differences in age, gender, background and so on. Simplicity is powerful. What do you do to bring about simplicity?

Shrine of St. Therese Alaska, 2016

Shrine of St. Therese
Alaska, 2016

Breaking the Code

BEWARE THE RANT:  I’m not going to lie. It really bothers me when people break the code. Which code you might wonder? Well, there are many. But the code I have in mind is the one where you don’t trash your own gender, race, religion, etc. You know, the one that should be common sense! I recently saw a post on Facebook by someone I know. She had apparently watched some show and didn’t like the way the female character was behaving and referred to her using a very derogatory word. One I will not repeat, but most people who know me, know that I do not like this word. Of all the adjectives in this universe, why would someone pick this one? I just don’t get it. My feeling is that using any words like that perpetuate stereotypes and perceptions. Mostly the negative ones. Now I know she didn’t like what she saw and reacted in a way she felt was appropriate, but was it really appropriate to put that word up on social media for all the world to see? Sheesh, when in doubt, think twice. What is your rant?



Life’s Emotional Contrasts


I have always found the concept of emotional contrast very intriguing. When I say emotional contrast, I mean in the broad sense. It could be when I am watching a particularly violent TV or movie scene and it is set to classical music. It has also been when my daughter was saying goodbye to all her camp friends that she had spent 3 weeks with for 5 consecutive summers. Tears streaming down their faces while the upbeat, dance song, “Starships,” by Nikki Minaj, was blasting on one of the kid’s radios. Every time I experience this contrast, it is confusing. Is it just me, or is it for you too? Murder paired with classical music, tears paired with dance music. It prompts me to really think about what my emotions are at the time and puts me in the moment. Clever. Watching my daughter and her friends say goodbye to each other was bittersweet. How do you feel when faced with an emotional contrast? Do you use that in life in any way? Do you ever use this as a technique in your everyday writing?

emotional contrast pic