Little Things

So I thought about a blog post involving being thankful. Not just because it’s Thanksgiving, but because it really isn’t easy to be thankful. It sounds a little cheesy, but sometimes it’s so much easier to complain about life’s bumps in the road rather than to be thankful for the important things. So instead of giving off negative energy, think about all of those little things. Things like: the love of parents, children, family, friends, significant others, pets, a great restaurant, coffee, dessert, fun hobbies, favorite books and TV shows. You get the point. It all comes back to the little things because we all know, they aren’t really little. They are what makes life complete. And that is no little matter. What is your little thing?

Here is just one little thing of mine:

Shade Grown Costa Rican coffee

Shade Grown Costa Rican coffee


3 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. What a beautiful sentiment for Thanksgiving and any time of year! So true that it is oftentimes too easy to focus on the negative. Much more pleasant to bring to mind the special “little” things! Thanks for the reminder and for sharing-!



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