To DIY or not…

I’ll admit it. I’m into DIY (Do it Yourself). Not the kind of DIY projects that take a long time or require me to read endless directions. More straightforward stuff. It started with household decor, but has moved into the use of natural products replacing store bought. I’ve become somewhat of a formulations fanatic. Yes, mixing stuff, trying this, testing that. It’s fun to me and sometimes I decide I like my new formulation better than the store bought, trademarked product.

Some of my successes are homemade: laundry detergent, glass/surface cleaner, deodorant, eye make up remover, bug repellent, skin softeners, etc. Not everything is successful. The fabric softener was weak. I need to work that out. But I feel a sense of accomplishment in successfully replacing with alternatives, many of them natural. What’s your guilty pleasure?


If you’re interested in trying any of my formulations, just comment on this blog post.

Some home ingredients

Some home ingredients

5 thoughts on “To DIY or not…

  1. Wow, those are some cool guilty pleasures. In addition to author and yoga teacher, you can call yourself a Scientist with a specialty in Chemistry! How do you make DIY deodorant and bug repellent?

    • Oh, I can’t call myself a scientist really. I would just say that I’m a curious person with a keen interest in DIY. I like discovering ways to do things easier and naturally. I’m also very interested in Ayurveda, holistic (whole-body) healing.

    • Hi Rachelley-I’m happy to provide them. I don’t post stuff like that because not everyone is interested. I did post a dish detergent alternative pretty recently. Miss you!

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