Is Less Really More?

My mom quoted this saying often and there is substance in it. Throughout our lives we acquire things. Fancy kitchen gadgets, shoes, electronic devices, clothes, perfumes/colognes, cute things, practical things….you get the picture. We think we need them and that they make some aspect of life easier. But do they really? All of them? There was a time when we left our homes without a phone and the world didn’t come to an end. There was also a time when there were only a few bottled water choices, a few coffee choices, limited TV channels to watch and no trophies for sports competitions we didn’t win. There was a time when there were only board/card games to play until Atari became the rage. Do these changes define us? Have these things made us better humans? Do we communicate better with technology or has it removed something in the way we interact with others? Has more made us less?

Note: The 30.3+ million IT and computer systems in the world account for approximately 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions making them a formidable opponent in managing climate change. This is expected to double in 5 years according to the Worldwatch Institute.

10 thoughts on “Is Less Really More?

  1. Lyn,I certainly have a lot to say on this thought-provoking subject, but I’ll leave you with one big pro and one big con. Con: we have to work hard to carve out unattached quiet time. Pro: our kids can kvetch to us instantly–wait, is that a pro?

  2. I agree Lyn – the “stuff” of life and the latest technology, etc. are sometimes fun but not always the best things for us. It’s the basics – health, family and friends (like you) – that count.

  3. Lyn, It comes down to the personal decisions we make on how to use the technology available to us. I wouldn’t want to go back to the days of the rotary dial telephone, but occasionally I take a vacation from social media.

    • That is a great perspective, Marilyn. My wrist and shoulder are telling me to take more computer breaks. I think my eyes are too! I’m listening.

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