Privacy: Is there such a thing?

Nowadays, the idea of privacy is evolving. Social media gives us all an interesting peek at life, business and people. Approach a group of folks on their laptops or tablets and you can be immediately thrust into a group chat not only with those people, but with others on their computer screens. Not always optimal if your having a bad hair day or if you’re in your pajamas. Having fun at a social event and someone snaps a picture of you on their iphone and loads it up to Facebook or Instagram. Do you think they’re going to ask your permission? Privacy really isn’t private anymore. It’s a new version of privacy. What effect will this have on relationships? Can it break up friendships? Is there a such thing as having too much information? You decide.

So I took this picture last night at Menopause: The Musical. Hmm, that subject matter can reveal a few things about my friend and me. Did I ask permission to use her picture. Of course. I wouldn’t want to knowingly violate someone’s privacy.


Deb and me

Deb and me



6 thoughts on “Privacy: Is there such a thing?

  1. So glad everything is up and running Re: privacy. They only thing I think is truly private are my conversations with my imaginary friends — and I’m not even sure about that.

    • Thanks, Lin. It appears I cannot use the manual subscriptions anymore and everyone has to subscribe for themselves and get a confirmation. Very different from the last time.

  2. Young adults have less privacy and greater access to each other…. yet they hold each other at greater emotional distance — a coincidence or correlation? Teens can text, FB, inbox, snapchat, tweet… nearly any time of day or night. At the same time, the relationship that seems most common is the casual hook-up, which implies no commitment to the future, and thus requires almost no work to maintain. It’s a snapchat relationship that expires after a short period, a tweet that is quickly replaced by the next tweet.

  3. The privacy issue is one of the reasons I am so hesitant about social media. But I must admit – I do enjoy it and use it a lot – especially at work. Nice pic of you guys. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  4. This is an interesting and thought-provoking topic. I find it especially relevant for our teenager/ college-age kids. I constantly tell them not to post “party” pictures. Then again, my tween is obsessed with Instagram and we had a discussion about that.

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