Life’s Emotional Contrasts


I have always found the concept of emotional contrast very intriguing. When I say emotional contrast, I mean in the broad sense. It could be when I am watching a particularly violent TV or movie scene and it is set to classical music. It has also been when my daughter was saying goodbye to all her camp friends that she had spent 3 weeks with for 5 consecutive summers. Tears streaming down their faces while the upbeat, dance song, “Starships,” by Nikki Minaj, was blasting on one of the kid’s radios. Every time I experience this contrast, it is confusing. Is it just me, or is it for you too? Murder paired with classical music, tears paired with dance music. It prompts me to really think about what my emotions are at the time and puts me in the moment. Clever. Watching my daughter and her friends say goodbye to each other was bittersweet. How do you feel when faced with an emotional contrast? Do you use that in life in any way? Do you ever use this as a technique in your everyday writing?

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One thought on “Life’s Emotional Contrasts

  1. Lyn, I never thought about it before, just experienced the music at the time. It always seemed to fit in with what was taking place. I’ve not made it a part of my writing but I’ll keep it in mind, especially when playwriting.

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