In a better place

Do you ever check out? Just for a while. Like where your head just goes somewhere else? When I was young I used to love watching Mr. Rogers because when the train went to the “other world,” the never never-land, I got to go right along with it. I was going to a better place. But only for a few moments. When my children were little and needed a nap, I used to tell them they were “going to nappy,” like they were really going somewhere. Well, not really. We all know they just needed to check out for a bit to get to a more rested frame of mind. Even now, when I take a yoga class I honestly feel that I am going somewhere else even though I don’t leave the class. My mind gets to focus, my body gets to focus and then I get to let go of everything. I do feel that I’ve been on a journey when I take a class. I come away feeling refreshed and ready to take on new things. My frame of mind is completely different. It’s all because I’ve been in a better place. What do you do to get yourself in a better place?

Sun Salutation

Sun Salutation


4 thoughts on “In a better place

  1. When I want to check out, I go for a walk on a back country road or survey my pond and watch the wildlife.

  2. Lyn: I’m glad you can escape for a little while, when doing yoga. I find it impossible. In fact, every time I do yoga, I get MORE stressed out. LOL
    Definitely not a relaxing time for me.
    Now tap class, on the other hand…..ahhh…happiness and escape. 🙂

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