To DIY or not…

I’ll admit it. I’m into DIY (Do it Yourself). Not the kind of DIY projects that take a long time or require me to read endless directions. More straightforward stuff. It started with household decor, but has moved into the use of natural products replacing store bought. I’ve become somewhat of a formulations fanatic. Yes, mixing stuff, trying this, testing that. It’s fun to me and sometimes I decide I like my new formulation better than the store bought, trademarked product.

Some of my successes are homemade: laundry detergent, glass/surface cleaner, deodorant, eye make up remover, bug repellent, skin softeners, etc. Not everything is successful. The fabric softener was weak. I need to work that out. But I feel a sense of accomplishment in successfully replacing with alternatives, many of them natural. What’s your guilty pleasure?


If you’re interested in trying any of my formulations, just comment on this blog post.

Some home ingredients

Some home ingredients

Overcome Fear

Fear is commonly interpreted as negative and uncomfortable. It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. Facing that fear may be just what is necessary to grow and to learn. Some fear and nerves are good. Physically, they keep the body and mind alert. There are nerves when we care deeply about something or someone.There’s “skin in the game” and the stakes are high. Fear brings about a call to action and puts us into achievement mode. It’s good to feel it, experience it and then take the lead in controlling it.

But how to keep those fears from overtaking us is another story. We need to get in touch with our thoughts so they don’t overtake us and gain control of our breathing/heart rate. Nerves can set the body and mind into a tailspin to where there is no way back if uncontrolled. Positive thought repetitions work very well. Adopt a mantra like “I believe in myself” or “I can do this.” A mantra when repeated can remove the mind chatter. Next time you hear your mind speaking negative thoughts, replace them with a good mantra.

Here are a few by Tony Robbins, Life Coach. Go!



It struck me while watching the astonishingly talented cast of the Broadway show, Matilda, that these young children are so lucky to have found their gift at an early age. That’s not to say that one day they might just decide they’re ready to move on from performing. Or, decide they just want to be regular kids and do school shows and community theater. But to have pinpointed their talent is so fortunate. It can take people their whole lives before figuring out what their gifts are.  And don’t even try thinking you don’t have one, because we all do! If you’re thinking that, then it is simply up to you to make it your personal mission to find your gift. Now it doesn’t have to be acting or singing. You may have a knack for being funny and making people laugh. Or you might be a person that is so patient that when everyone else has given up on something, you’re still hanging in there. Gifts come in many different forms. And they’re not always obvious. Challenge yourself to find your gift. Take classes, try something new. Once you know what your gift is, use it as much as possible. Let that be your gift to the world.

My mother was a gifted teacher. She never stopped educating children in regular classes as well as children with special needs.

My mother was a gifted teacher. She never stopped educating children in regular classes as well as children with special needs.