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The Acropolis Museum - Go on a journey to Greece to explore the famous Acropolis Museum. Learn the history and treasures this world gem holds. Book published by Weigl: ISBN: 978-1-4896-3248-7. Publication date, 2016
The Natural Environment of South America - Find out all about South America. Learn where it is located, its ecosystems, habitats, plant life, animals, biomes and conservation aspects. Book published by Weigl: ISBN: 978-1-4896-0958-8. Publication date, 2014
 The Capitol - Find out everything you could possibly want to know about the United States Capitol. From the building and design of the structure to the  science behind it. Series winner of the Teacher's Choice Award from Learning Magazine. Book published by Weigl ISBN: 978-1-62127-460-5, Publication Date, 2013
Screws -  Part of a series of books on simple machines, Screws will discuss the many details of this simple tool. Many items in your home are screws. They are everywhere! An early elementary book published by The Child's World ISBN: 978-1614732761, Publication Date, 2013
Technological Design -  Go on a technology mission exploring everyday machines as well as high tech gaming systems. Can the future of gaming be in YOUR head where you use your thoughts to control the game? Find out. A middle grade book published by Cherry Lake Publishing ISBN: 978-1-61080-208-6, Publication Date, 2011
Your Own Dog -  Find out about picking a pet, caring for a dog, how to keep them healthy and happy, what happens at the veterinarian, and how to be your dog's best friend. A leveled reader published by Pearson ISBN: 978-1-4284-0925-5, Publication Date, 2008
At the Aquarium -  Grab your goggles and take a trip to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. Walk through their very own shark tunnel. See just how graceful a big, fat hippo really is! A leveled reader published by Pearson ISBN: 978-1-4284-1066-4, Publication Date, 2008
The Zoo Crew -  Learn more about all the cool jobs in a zoo. Check out the awesome pictures as you learn more about zoo photographers, zoo keepers, zoo veterinarians, rangers and volunteers. A leveled reader published by Pearson ISBN: 978-1-4284-1237-8, Publication Date, 2008
A is for All -  A fun, rhyming story about an Ant, Ape and Alligator who just can't seem to get along. Are they just too different to be friends? Find out. A paired, leveled reader with text for a new reader and a more advanced reader to read together. A paired, leveled reader published by Pearson ISBN: 978-1-4284-0526-4, Publication Date, 2008
Out of Control: The Science of Wildfires -  A middle grade, news-oriented journey about mega-fires, high-tech blaze blasting, the fire environment, combating the fire and what happens after the burn. Book published by Compass Point Books ISBN: 978-0-7565-4064-7, Publication Date, 2009
Megastars: Pink -  A young adult biography of the singer/songwriter, Pink. Find out more about Alecia Beth Moore's blast into mega-stardom. Book published by Rosen ISBN: 978-1-4358-3577-1, Publication Date, 2011

Animal Series: All published by Capstone Press

Bengal Tigers -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4032-9, Publication Date, 2010
Bandicoots -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-3992-7, Publication Date, 2010
Camels -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4028-2, Publication Date, 2010
Dingoes -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4504-1, Publication Date, 2010
Giant Pandas -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4506-5, Publication Date, 2010
Horned Lizards -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4503-4, Publication Date, 2010
Crocodiles -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-4505-8, Publication Date, 2010
Chameleons -  A leveled reader Pre-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-3318-5, Publication Date, 2010
Tasmanian Devils -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-3320-8, Publication Date, 2010
Bearded Dragons -  A leveled reader PreK-2nd; ISBN: 978-1-4296-3319-2, Publication Date, 2010

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